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Call Us Today!
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Summer is over! Jack Frost will soon leave his icy trails on your precious plants. Now is the time to prepare your landscape for winter survival and the coming spring awakening.

Yes! We can plant spring bulbs now, and get spectacular results next spring. Everyone thinks of tulips, but there are so many more varieties to consider, and most come back year after year.

Daffodils, Jonquils, or Narcissus: these are one of my favorites. They come back year after year, and are one of the early spring flowers. One of the best values in landscape flowers. (picture above, left)
Crocus: these are usually very early spring flowers, and come in a wide variety of spectacular colors. They are generally a bit shorter than most spring flowers, so they work best where they are not obscured by taller plants. They return, year after year. (picture above, right)
Hyacinth, particularly the grape hyacinth: purples or whites are most common. These small flowers can grow to almost form a blanket of foliage. Watch out, they will grow and spread into the lawn although most folks don't mind.  (picture above, center)

Were you happy with your landscape this year?  So many folks wait until spring to call for changes in their landscape. The time to plan is NOW. In the spring, we will be buried with requests; we will probably have lots of time this winter to estimate, plan, and install this winter.

Did you decide that you wanted to irrigate next year? Call us now; all irrigation quotes are lower in the winter months. Although the ground is often frozen, it is generally less work to restore the turf in the winter than during the summer. Plus...we won't be too busy fixing everyone else's system.

Speaking of irrigation: did you winterize?  It is never too late. Call us now to schedule.

Some seasonal maintenance considerations: 

Autumn is an excellent time to trim those annoying evergreens. Japanese yew, junipers, boxwoods, and many other semi-evergreen plants are best trimmed in the fall when growth is slow and tip damage will be minimized by the cool temperatures.

Oak trees in particular should be trimmed in the fall or winter to reduce the spread of oak wilt. Do not wait until springtime, when trimming of these trees is specifically discouraged.

Don't let just anyone hack on your flowering shrubs! Many plants set next year's flower buds in the fall. Trimming the wrong varieties in autumn may dramatically reduce your spring flower show.

Rosebushes, chrysanthemums, and many other shrubs need to be pruned properly in the fall to minimize winter injury.

Fall fertilization may or may not be appropriate for your landscape plants. Call us! We will be happy to help, even if you wish to do this yourself.

Snow removal

The time to plan is now. If you are not sure how your snow removal will be handled, please call us now.

Ice melt mythology: please read!
There are many different sidewalk ice-melt products available on the market these days. In my opinion, most of them are sold using deceptive marketing to promote their products.

"Improved" ice melt products that do not specify their contents are usually combinations of mostly salt, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, and any number of other products. They are generally sold at a much higher price than salt.

Potassium Chloride (KCl): this common salt is a lawn fertilizer, and melts ice slightly less well than plain salt. It is much better for your landscape than any other ice melt product. Commonly sold as imitation salt.
Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2): superior to salt at melting ice, this chemical has also been shown to cause more damage to concrete than almost any other product. While salt does not chemically react with concrete, MgCl does. Products that include MgCl2 generally claim to cause less concrete damage than salt, which simply is not true.
Sodium Chloride (NaCl): common salt, this melts more ice per pound than any other product. Unfortunately, it does not work too well below about 25°F without being wetted first.
Calcium Chloride (CaCl2): This is the most effective ice melt product in cold weather. It will work down to about 5°F because it actually releases heat when it mixes with water. Not all preparations are equal: some only contain 80% active ingredient, they are not as effective. Flake products work much better than pellets since they tend to stay where thrown and have more surface area per pound of product. Pelletized products tend to blow & roll off the sidewalks, but are usually preferred because they can be spread quickly with a common fertilizer spreader. While CaCl2 is the best product for low temperatures, it will not melt as much ice per pound as the lighter molecular weight products.

Autumn cleanups
Tough times at PDQ, we are looking for work.
$35/manhour + disposal charges

October, November, and December are the months to focus on clean up of newly fallen leaves and any remaining weeds. PLEASE don't wait until spring to clean up those leaves. Once they get wet and crushed flat, they form a dense, grass-choking mat. In your turf areas, this is one of the easiest ways to ruin a good lawn.

Conversely, the leaves form a temperature-protective blanket for many landscape plants. Left until spring, your spring bulbs and quite a few winter-sensitive shrubs and ground covers will often benefit from the insulating effect of a few leaves. Spring cleanup is often a good plan for landscape areas with winter sensitive plants.

 We do all types of yard clean up and renovation. From residential to commercial, we have the capability to handle most all jobs. If you have yard waste or general waste we can take care of it. Perhaps you need a fence repaired or dead spots in your lawn? From small to large jobs, we will assess the problem, and make recommendations to provide the best solution for your individual needs.

Here at PDQ we believe in quality service with lower cost to our customers. With today's economic downturn we are keeping our prices highly competitive.

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